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Interviewer: One thing that’s really striking about The Dark Knight, compared to Batman Begins, is that you open in daylight, with The Joker’s robbery. You never expect to see daylight in a Batman movie…

Christopher Nolan: Yeah, well through the film we tried to play as much of it in the day as possible. Because we sort of set up this dynamic where, at the end of the last film and carrying into this film, Batman, as it were, rules the night and people are afraid of him - criminals know he’s out there - so The Joker kind of owns the day, in a way because Batman can’t really come out in the day. He’d look a little ridiculous in the rubber suit, walking down the high street in full daylight. So the day, in a weird way becomes more threatening, you know, because you feel when you get into the night, you sort of feel like Batman’s probably in pretty good control of things. 

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October 1: 

2011 – Host Melissa McCarthy reunites with Bridesmaids costar Kristen Wiig to portray Dooneese’s Cousin Gert in the cold open

When you have a host in the cold open, you know it’s going to be good! Right after screaming “Live from New York” with Wiig, Melissa ran backstage for a quick change to prep for her monologue. Watch her tell our buddy Jimmy Fallon how it all went down back on Late Night.